HOME. It matters how you live in it.

At Studio JQ we design homes that tell the story of who our clients are. A well-designed home should give you a sense of belonging and enhance your experience of every space, transform your lifestyle and reflect your tastes.

Let's Build Your Ideal Space,

Let's Build Your
Ideal Space, Together.

Our award winning design studio is second-to-none.


Built Together

Delegate the overwhelming task of project management to our experienced team


Living the Dream

Enjoy the process of seeing your dream home come to life


Financially Thoughful

Save yourself stress, time and money from making poor design decisions

Sustainability Assured

Impact the planet in a positive way with our sustainable sourcing

premium supplies

Gain access to the very best products on the market, with discounts

A sense of Home

Never again feel like your home doesn’t represent who you are

Beautiful Homes.
Incredible Clients.
Better Communities.

Ready to re-define what home means to you?

If you are one of the 70% of people who are unhappy with their home, contact the Studio JQ team today to discover how we can transform it into your most favourite place in the world.

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A place to belong

At Studio JQ, we pride ourselves in using interior design as a vehicle to transform not only our clients lives, but also our local communities. Which is why we fund outreach projects for underprivileged children in the community, giving them access to resources that help them develop a positive sense of purpose, guide them towards self-development and skills building, and ensure that they have a place where they feel seen and supported. To better understand our ‘why’, read through our Impact. 

Empower your sense of Home.

Here you’ll discover a wealth of Interior Design insight, with current recommendations & inspirations, behind the scenes at award winning design studio, Studio JQ, as well as hints & tips for creating your own beautiful spaces.

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