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At Studio JQ, we do things differently.

HOME is a feeling, not a place.  You can live in a house, but still not feel at home.  Of course our clients want to live in a beautiful space, but our primary goal is to transform lives, as well as the communities that surround them, not just houses.

Interior design provides our clients with a sense of home. We take the stress out of project management, reduce the overwhelm and provide our clients with the confidence and peace of mind that their projects are being handled by professionals who do this every day.

Founded in 2016 by Jenny Quinlan, the team come from a diverse range of backgrounds and specialisms, from architecture to hospitality, law to farming, which give us a wide range of skills and experience to pull from.

Our projects are as individual as our clients. Rather than subscribe to a specific style, we design spaces that reflect our clients, rather than our own design preferences.

We also help our clients to give back to their local communities through our philanthropic business model, that we hope will eventually spread like wildfire across the globe.

Changing spaces, and lives.

Interior design is often looked upon as an extravagance. Some of our previous clients have even been embarrassed about their own wealth, forgoing the things they really want and have worked hard for, for fear of how others may judge them.

When in reality they are some of the kindest and most generous people we have the pleasure to know.

Design changes lives. It’s something to be celebrated, not whispered about. Which is why we’re using design as a vehicle to transform the world. Starting with our local communities.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. But unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, many underprivileged children don’t ever get the opportunity to feel at home. 

As a result of this, over 70% of these children then go on to commit crimes within their local communities as young people and adults.

But what if we could change that?

At Studio JQ, we know our clients want to contribute in a positive way, beyond the boundaries of their own house walls.

Which is why we dedicate a percentage of our design fees to fund outreach projects for underprivileged children in the community. 

Giving them access to resources that help them develop a positive sense of purpose, guide them towards self-development and skills building, and ensuring that they have a place where they feel seen and supported. A place to belong.

Our clients are the heroes of our mission. When they choose to work with Studio JQ, they’re choosing to contribute to change, and make a difference to the community in which they live.

Meet The Founder Jenny Quinlan

Jenny Quinlan

Growing up in the Northwest of England in a small working class village, values of family and community, working hard and giving back were instilled from a young age.

Jenny trained at the prestigious KLC school of design in London, then moved on to work at several high end design studios across London and the South West. 

In this industry it’s easy to become disenchanted with the monumental amounts of waste it creates, the lack of accountability on designers to work towards sustainable design, and the superficial nature of interior design at its most basic level, which is to make the interior of buildings pretty.

So, Jenny’s mission is to change the perception of the industry and transform it into something that builds communities, contributes to minimal environmental impact, invests in dying artisanal crafts and transforms lives. 

There are so many designers out there doing great work towards these goals, but at the forefront of the industry blocking the view, are glossy magazines and tv shows designed to entertain at a superficial level, rather than inspire and educate.

“When fortune smiles upon you, build a longer table, not a higher fence.”

Our Vision

To design homes that tell the story of who our clients are. As temporary as we are on this beautiful planet, our stories and our homes outlive us. Make your mark but leave no trace.

Our Mission

To unify communities with a sense of home and belonging, one project, one house, one neighbourhood at a time.

What we stand for

At Studio JQ we wish to unify communities, creating a safer and more stable environment for everyone to live in and flourish.

Sustainability and longevity are key areas of interest for us. It’s a testament to the designs of old that natural materials, handcrafted furniture and classically designed architecture are still standing to this day, far outliving and outperforming the poor quality of poorly constructed boxy modern-day buildings and cheap products.

Accredited by the BIID, SBID and also being a RIBA affiliate studio ensures that we are always on the forefront of industry developments, team training, enhancing our services and expanding our knowledge of architecture and interior design.

We combine the traditions of architecture and design with the innovations of modern construction technologies, to create beautiful and comfortable homes for our clients that have longevity, practicality, and style.

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