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Beautiful and professional design solutions from award winning design studio, Studio JQ.

Interior Design Services highlighted in this relaxed neutral coloured room

Everything that we use and interact with on a daily basis is designed. The pen you use, the car you drive, the device you’re viewing this website on. Design affects us all in either a negative or positive way, interior design is no different and for this reason we have tailored our interior design services to be inclusive to all, regardless of budget.

Done For You

From concept to completion this package is for clients looking to utilise our full range of services.

Done With You

This design consultancy package will arm you with all the tools needed to create a well-designed interior.


We’re here for clients on an ad hoc basis, so you can book an hour with us in the studio

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Done For You

Our turn key package is designed for clients wanting to utilise our full range of interior design services from concept to completion and have access to our trade discounts. 

From the initial meeting right through to hanging the last piece of artwork, we are on hand to manage the project from start to finish.

A beautiful room, displaying a large bookcase, bespoke wooden table centrepiece and comfortable blue sofa, showcasing Studio JQ's interior design services

Done With You

Our design consultancy package provides clients with all of the necessary tools to complete a well-designed interior themselves, with our guidance. 

After a two-hour site visit to work through a comprehensive design brief together and survey the space, the team put together a detailed design report containing all of our recommendations for the space.  

Together with a samples box of suggested finishes and our priceless ‘designers toolkit’ pack, clients have the confidence and knowledge to project manage themselves, following our step-by-step guide.

DIY(WH) Do it yourself
with help

Whether you’re embarking upon a project with a minimal budget, or have architects plans that you’d just like a second eye on, we’re here for clients on an ad hoc basis to book an hour of our time in the studio, whenever they need our help.

Not sure which service is right for you?

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