If you’re a busy professional, these are the ten things your home should have, but probably doesn’t

Your home is a member of your family, but it has a job to do – make your life as comfortable as possible

Life can be a shit show sometimes. You’re travelling for work, there’s a family birthday you have to get organised for, you lose things because nothing really has a place, and that shirt you wanted to wear is lost in the laundry somewhere so you’ll have to waste time searching for another, the children are asking for snacks and you have to search every linen cupboard for clean guest bedding for this weekend.

As a busy professional, your home should be a sanctuary that provides not only comfort but also efficiency and convenience. High-end homes often overlook some crucial elements that can significantly enhance your lifestyle. Here are ten specific features your home should have, but probably doesn’t:

  1. A Hidden Safe: Security is paramount, especially if you have valuable items or sensitive documents. Install a hidden safe within a built-in closet or behind a bookshelf. This ensures your valuables are secure and easily accessible only to you.
  2. Countertop or Ottoman in Dressing Room: Packing and unpacking can be a hassle, especially for frequent flyers. Incorporate a countertop or a sturdy ottoman in your dressing room specifically designed for this purpose. Ensure there is convenient storage space for your luggage, so everything is within reach and organised.
  3. Mini Kitchenette for Meal Prep: A mini kitchenette, stocked by your chef with meals and snacks, is a game-changer. Located near the edge of the kitchen, this space can have a small fridge, microwave, and a coffee maker. This way, you can grab healthy, prepared meals and snacks for the children without disrupting your workflow.
  4. First-Floor Laundry Room with Heated Airing Cupboard: A first-floor laundry room saves time and effort, especially if it’s located near the bedrooms. Include a heated airing cupboard for quick drying of clothes and linens, keeping everything fresh and ready to wear without the need for ironing.
  5. Sofa or Recliner in Home Office: Your home office should be a place for both productivity and reflection. Add a comfortable sofa or recliner where you can take breaks, think creatively, or read. This piece of furniture can make your office a more versatile and relaxing space.
  6. Writing Bureau with Personalised Stationery: Elevate your correspondence with a dedicated writing bureau stocked with personalised stationery. This encourages the art of handwritten notes for thank-yous, invitations, or personal messages, adding a touch of class and warmth to your communications.
  7. Gift Cupboard: Never be caught unprepared for an occasion again with a well-stocked gift cupboard. Keep a selection of non-perishable gifts, wrapping paper, and cards on hand for those last-minute occasions when you need a thoughtful present quickly.
  8. Racked-Out Mudroom: A well-organised mudroom is essential for busy professionals with active lifestyles. Design it with racks and storage for seasonal gear like skis, riding equipment, and shooting attire. This keeps everything in its place and easily accessible for your sporting activities.
  9. Well-Stocked Walk-In Pantry: Prepare for unexpected guests or hungry children with a walk-in pantry that’s always stocked with essentials. Include non-perishable snacks, canned goods, and beverages to ensure you can easily accommodate surprise visitors or a group of kids.
  10. Personalised Wine Storage and Humidor: For the connoisseur, a climate-controlled wine cellar or a wine fridge can be an excellent addition. Pair this with a personalised humidor for your cigars, ensuring both your wine and cigars are stored at the perfect temperature and humidity. This adds a touch of luxury and readiness for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening.

Some of these tips may seem left field, but by incorporating these specific features into your home, you can create a living space that not only meets your high standards of comfort and luxury but also supports your busy lifestyle. Thoughtful planning and attention to detail will ensure your home is a true haven where you can thrive both professionally and personally.

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