Splurge or save? How to allocate your home renovation budget efficiently to maximise impact, without compromise.

What should you spend your budget on and why?

High-level professionals understand the importance of making strategic investments, and the same principle applies when it comes to home renovations. In this guide, we’ll explore where to splurge and where to save to ensure your home is both stylish and functional without exceeding your budget. Let’s dive into the top ten recommendations for making wise investment choices in your renovation project:

1. Splurge on statement pieces, Save on wall paintings:

  • Invest in an eye catching sculpture or piece of art that will have a prominent position in your home, but save on all other wall paintings to dress your space by exploring affordable prints and local artists. You can pick up great pieces of art in junk shops and online, just get them reframed to compliment your decorative scheme.

2. Splurge on high-quality hardware, Save on standard doors:

  • Invest in the ‘touch points’ that get the most use. High-quality hardware for doors and cabinets can make a big impact and will last a lifetime. However, you can save by using standard doors and cupboard/drawer fronts from online suppliers.

3. Splurge on premium bedding, save on accessories:

  • Invest in luxurious bedding for a good night’s sleep, it will wash well and last much longer, but save on throws and bedspreads that will likely get swapped out as the seasons or styles change.

4. Splurge on kitchen countertops, Save on the backsplash:

  • High-quality countertops are worth the investment in the kitchen, but you can save on the backsplash by choosing budget-friendly options that are easy to maintain like acrylic panels or glass.

5. Splurge on architectural details, Save on the cabinetry:

  • Architectural details like cornicing, crown molding and wainscoting are worth the investment. but you can save by selecting well-constructed, budget-friendly kitchen cabinets and personalizing them. Superfront is a great website that specialise in beautiful accessories that fit ikea furniture perfectly to upgrade your interior.

6. Splurge on premium flooring, Save on tiles:

  • Consider investing in high quality wooden flooring that will wear well, but save on tiles by choosing cost-effective options and allocating your budget to an excellent tiler that will install your tiles expertly to look high end.

7. Splurge on lighting, Save on switches and sockets:

  • High-quality and well-designed lighting can transform a space, making it worth the investment. Yet, you can save by opting for more budget-friendly switches and sockets, especially in areas where they won’t be seen. Don’t blow your budget on brass sockets if they’re hidden behind furniture, white plastic will do the job just fine.

8. Splurge on carpet, Save on area rugs:

  • Invest in high-quality wool carpet and the best underlay you can afford to extend the life of your flooring and add comfort, but save on area rugs while still adding style and comfort with budget-friendly options. You can pick up budget friendly rugs online, at rug sales and even on your travels abroad.

9. Splurge on quality brassware, Save on sanitaryware:

  • Quality brassware for taps, showers and bath fillers are essential. They have to withstand regular use on a daily basis and stay looking great when cleaned regularly (especially in hard water areas). However, you can save by selecting more affordable sanitaryware that meets your functional requirements.

10. Splurge on window treatments, Save on window treatments:

  • Eh? Is that a typo? Nope. Splurge on bespoke window treatments that are handmade by a specialist soft furnishings supplier. They will last a lifetime and really dress up your interior. Where you save is on the fabric – a plain linen weave with a decorative braid will cost much less than a fancy patterned fabric, and it will be easier to change up the decor with relatively plain window treatments that work with multiple decorative schemes if you ever fancy a change.

By making informed decisions about where to splurge and where to save, you can create a beautifully renovated home that reflects your personal style and high standards, all while managing your budget effectively. Home renovations are a blend of practicality and luxury, and these ten tips will guide you in making wise investment choices for your project. Happy renovating!

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