Interior ‘trends’ to avoid in 2024

Updating your home in 2024? Here's what not to do...

Updating your home in 2024? Here’s what not to do…

As we embrace the dawn of a new year, the world of design is buzzing with excitement and fresh possibilities. In our ongoing commitment to keeping you ahead of the curve, we’re back with our “Top Ten Tips” series, this time focusing on the design trends to avoid in 2024. Let’s ensure your spaces and projects remain both relevant and stylish throughout the year.

  1. Overused Pantone Colors: While Pantone’s Color of the Year is always a source of inspiration, be cautious about overusing it. Inject your personality by incorporating additional hues to create a more personalised palette.
  2. Excessive Use of Terrazzo: Terrazzo has had its moment in the spotlight. In 2024, balance its use with other materials to avoid spaces feeling overwhelming or dated.
  3. Too Much Open-Concept Living: Open-concept living spaces have been popular, but striking the right balance is key. Introduce defined zones and elements to maintain a sense of cosiness and purpose in each area.
  4. Exaggerated Accent Walls: Accent walls can be a fantastic way to add drama, but be cautious not to overdo it. Opt for subtle, well-thought-out accents to avoid overwhelming your space.
  5. Intricate Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns have been pervasive, but it’s time to dial it back. Choose simpler, more timeless patterns to create a sophisticated and enduring look.
  6. Overemphasis on Smart Home Tech: Smart home technology is undoubtedly convenient, but avoid making it the focal point. Integrate tech seamlessly into your design, ensuring it enhances rather than dominates the aesthetic.
  7. Dramatic Dark Kitchens: Dark kitchen cabinets have made a statement, but too much darkness can be overwhelming (and it scratches really easily…). Mix in lighter tones or introduce contrasting elements to maintain a sense of balance and visual interest.
  8. Oversized Furniture: Oversized furniture can dominate a room, making it feel cramped. Opt for appropriately sized pieces that enhance the functionality and flow of the space.
  9. Chevron Patterns Everywhere: Chevron patterns have had their moment; now it’s time for a change. Experiment with other patterns or opt for timeless classics to infuse sophistication into your design.
  10. Overlooking Biophilic Design: In the pursuit of modernity, don’t forget the importance of biophilic design. Integrate natural elements to create a connection with the outdoors, promoting well-being and tranquility.

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