Studio JQ is an Interior Architecture & Design Studio based in the historic and beautiful town of Marlborough, Wiltshire. We specialise in bespoke high end residential and commercial interiors with a focus on sustainable design and natural materials, creating exquisite spaces for living and working that are fully tailored to our clients needs.

Our design objective for every project we undertake is to create balance. By combining beautiful aesthetics with the practical principles of great design, we are able to create an environment that tells an interesting and intriguing story, whilst feeling comforting and familiar at the same time. As designers, creators, and humans in general, we have a responsibility to make smart choices that minimize environmental impact and use sustainable, biodegradable materials that are kind to our only planet.

Studio JQ is a company with a conscience, we understand that our clients care about Earth just as much as we do, but life is busy, time is our most precious commodity and sometimes convenience wins out.

We recognise that our clients still want to achieve phenomenal results without having to compromise on design or pay over the odds for products touted as ‘eco’ or ‘green’. After many years in the industry discovering the best suppliers and getting to know their manufacturing processes and products, we know what to look for and how to achieve the exquisitely tailored end result our discerning clients expect.


Jenny Quinlan studied at the prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London and upon graduating worked at high end studios such as Gunter & Co and Emma Hooton Ltd, as well as freelancing for other studios across London whilst working on her own projects. After founding Studio JQ Ltd in 2016, Jenny worked for Dunning & Everard as their Senior Designer, running some fantastic residential and commercial projects across the UK, then in April 2018 left to run Studio JQ Ltd full time.

“My passion for intelligent design and how it can influence the mental and physical health and well being of the users of the space has grown to inform almost every decision I make in the studio. I love a challenge, and am a firm believer in ‘if you can dream it, it can be done’. We question and review every stage of the design process from concept to planning and design scheming right through to installation, to ensure we achieve the best possible result for our clients. As the current custodians of the planet, we have a responsibility to ensure we are seeking out the best options available to us that minimize our impact, or even hopefully enhance it, for our children and future generations.  Our clients are able to come to us in confidence knowing that we are constantly researching better options, pursuing excellence always.”