Whatever the project, we can tailor our services to your requirements. Good design should not be kept a secret and we love sharing our knowledge and technical expertise.

Our comprehensive Interior Design package covers everything from concept to installation. As each project is unique, we structure our fees accordingly in a simple and concise way from the outset, to enable our clients to manage their overall project budget.

Our full bespoke service also gives our clients access to exclusive trade discounts on product, as well as sourcing trips to gather up samples and see furniture and lighting showrooms.

Some of our clients wish to run their projects themselves and are just in need of some inspiration and guidance to get them going. This is where a one off consultation on site or in our studio is all that is needed to give them the tools to implement the design on their own. Throughout the year we also run four informative and fun seasonal workshop events for small groups who share our passion for interiors and styling, but don’t necessarily have a big project to work on at present.


Whether working from architects’ plans or surveying the site from scratch ourselves, we are experienced both in working on new developments from the ground up and renovating older buildings in a considerate and integrative way.

Hand sketches are useful to draw up our initial ideas and then CAD is used to create workable drawings for site.  3D rendered visuals and walk-throughs are also available if required.

We approach Interior Architecture in a conceptual way initially, discovering our outcome first and then working backwards from that point to figure out how we’re going to achieve that within any practical constraints.

Architecture doesn’t just affect the current users of the space, but also all who see it, walk past it, and eventually inherit it long after we’re gone, which is why we do not conform to trends; we’re in it for the long haul.


With commissions across the UK, USA and several projects on the Continent, we are well versed in on site and remote project management.

Over the years we have built and maintained a fantastic network of trusted subcontractors that we are able to recommend to our clients who share our exacting standards.

Managing a project from start to finish in a professional and efficient manner is what we do best, giving the client one point of contact throughout and enabling us to provide the very highest level of service.